Joris Luyendijk bij Studium Generale Maastricht

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Op dinsdag 24 februari is Joris Luyendijk te gast bij Studium Generale Maastricht n.a.v. zijn nieuwste boek Dit kan niet waar zijn.

Onder de titel ‘Changing Economy’ zal hij hier in discussie gaan met econoom Tomáš Sedláček.

Kaarten zijn hier verkrijgbaar.

Changing Economy – Talk Show

The economic crisis made us realize that we have to look at economics and the role of the banking sector in a different way. One of the basic principles of economics is that you don’t talk about ethics. However, can economics, or banking, really be value-free?

Is it just a technical discipline? Is interest rate, one of the core ideas of banking, an ethical issue? Do bankers need to learn not only about money but also about morality?

Tonight, Tomáš Sedláček and Joris Luyendijk will discuss the need to restore some spirit to the efficiently working body of the economy.

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